This Week Is JAM PACKED!

This week at The Rise, we have three special events that you need to know about! TWO of them are tomorrow, July 3rd. Here’s what’s up:

Tuesday @ 6 AM: Brooklyn Pre-July 4th Bonus Workout

We know that July 3rd isn’t known for much, other than being the day before July 4th. But the Brooklyn and Manhattan crews don’t cross over very often, so we’re holding a special patriotic 3rd of July workout for the regular Brooklyn badasses!

Meet us at Grand Army Plaza at 6 AM. We will leave right at 6 and head to Prospect Park for a special patriotic circuit. There will be red cards, white cards, and blue cards (no yellow cards – we did our World Cup themed workout already). There may even be popsicles!

We’ll be back at Grand Army by 6:28 AM for our regularly scheduled 6:30 AM workout. Double the workouts, double the patriotism! #Murica

Tuesday @ 7 PM: T.RUCK at the Brooklyn Bridge

Did I say “double the workouts?” I meant triple the workouts! In our last blog post, we mentioned that we’re taking on a rucking challenge this month. Rucking = walking while wearing a weighted backpack. We’re rucking once a week, starting at three miles and increasing by one each week!

Tuesday’s ruck is going to take us across the Brooklyn Bridge and back via the Manhattan Bridge. We should be done in about an hour – giving us plenty of time to consume some post-ruck beers at a nearby bar!

Thanks to Rachel Cochran for her graphic design skillz!

If you’ve never rucked before, just put 10 lbs of stuff in a backpack and head to the Brooklyn Bridge! See you at 7 PM!

Wednesday @ 6 AM: Hour Long July 4th Special

Okay – we’re finally on Wednesday! The real and true July 4th. This time around we start at 6 AM and end at 7! The Core Body Boot Camp crew is cooking up something patriotic, sweaty, and above all, worth waking up for on your day off! Come for the full hour, the last half hour, the first half hour, or the trip to the diner afterwards. You do you – just make sure to wear red, white, and blue!

See you tomorrow!

Whether it be at 6 AM, 6:30 AM, or 7 PM, we want to see your smiley, soon-to-be-exhausted face. RISE UP!

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