SoulCycle + Beer THIS FRIDAY

Evening events are normally quite rare in the Rise world, but this month they’ve been happening on the regular thanks to our July rucking challenge! Last night a group of Risers rucked across the Williamsburg Bridge and up to Long Island City, finishing up with an intense night of BINGO at Bierocracy. Next week we’re rucking for 5 miles through Central Park and along the Hudson River Greenway – so RSVP if you’re in!

Scenic group shot at the 4 mile mark!

Kate won the “all G’s and O’s” round!

But this week we have another evening special for you – this time on a Friday! And this one will soothe your soul like no other.

Rise & Ride

In the past, awesome Riser and SoulCycle extraordinaire Rachel Tavel has hosted what are called “Rise and Ride” events. These usually happen in the morning: a 6:30 AM Rise workout, followed by a sweaty SoulCycle sesh at a nearby studio. Our last event was at the Park Slope location after a Brooklyn Body Circuit workout.

Tavel rocking the “shvitz it out” shirt

This Friday, July 13th (yes, Friday the 13th!!), we’re pushing the cycling portion to the evening and tacking on drinks for an unstoppable dynamic duo of activities: Ride & Beer!

First, we will be taking on a 5:30 PM SoulCycle class at their Financial District studio. The price for a single class is $36, but a few lucky Risers will be able to ride for $15 by following a special link! There are only a handful of discounted seats left, but plenty of open spots for the regular price.

Afterwards we’ll walk over to Ulysses Folk House for some post-ride drinks. All are welcome for this part of the evening.

Here are all the details, neatly bulleted (hopefully):

  • First, sign up for a seat!
    • You can register for a discounted price ($15) by following this link. It will not work if all discounted spots are filled.
    • You can sign up for a regular-priced seat ($36) by following this link.
  • If you do get a seat, try and get to SoulCycle FiDi by 5:15 PM. If you do not get a seat, or prefer not to ride, just meet us at the bar!
  • The class begins at 5:30 PM and will probably end at around 6:15. We will make our way to Ulysses Folk House between 6:30 and 7 PM.
  • If you’re just showing up for drinks, feel free to get to Ulysses Folk House at 6:30! Someone will be there to high five you! Shoot us a message if you’re having trouble finding the group. You can also DM us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

And as always, we will be at the Williamsburg Bridge at 6:30 AM Friday morning for a kickbutt Hills workout. Make both workouts and you might just earn a special treat!

See you on Friday. RISE UP!

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