Ruck TOMORROW + Last Week’s RECAP

First thing’s first: we’re rucking tomorrow – Tuesday July 17th. Sure, there may be thunderstorms in store – but that’s not enough to send us running! Just rucking. Read more about this month’s challenge here.

We’re meeting at the USS Maine Monument in Columbus Circle at 7 PM and walking with our weighted backpacks to the Boat Basin Cafe via Central Park and the Hudson River Greenway. This is a scenic ruck you won’t want to miss. RSVP now!

Rucking on the Willy B!

Next order of business: check out all that we did last week by reading the recap below! You can also view all the photos here.

Monday – HIIT

At Monday’s HIIT sesh we had a nice turnout for a nice, breezy workout (weather-wise, not effort-wise!)

Minus the speaker cutting out and some words from a rather belligerent passerby (that’s Washington Square Park for ya), things went smoothly! Nothing can stop the free fitness revolution revolution! #RiseUp2018

Jerry also made a surprise appearance and delivered the biggest smile of the morning. For that – he deserved to be our rock. Yeah buddy!

Tuesday – Brooklyn Body Circuit

Today Kate led the Badasses through a game of spin the bottle – adult workout style. Whomever it lands on picks the exercise!

We also climbed up and down a pyramid and did an awesome choose-your-own-adventure grand finale.

All in all, a heck of a morning. Join us next time – 6:30 AM in Grand Army Plaza EVERY TUESDAY!

Tuesday – T.RUCK #2

Our second ruck of the month took us across the Williamsburg Bridge, up through Greenpoint, and finally across the Pulaski to Long Island City!

After our family photo with a beautiful Manhattan backdrop, we stumbled into Bierocracy’s Tuesday BINGO NIGHT!!

Kate won an early round and earned herself the perfect prize – either chicken wings (which she can’t eat) or popcorn chicken (which she ALSO can’t eat!). She picked wings for the table because she’s a good person.

Kate won the “all G’s and O’s” round. GO Kate!

Remember, our next ruck is tomorrow at 7 PM. If we don’t see you at Columbus Circle, then I guess that makes you a square!

Wednesday – Core Body Boot Camp

In an unexpected guest appearance, Jerry came back to help lead the Core Body Bootcamp in a celebration of our favorite teams still in the World Cup (and those that didn’t even make it, US Men’s team…)

Jerry jumped into deck of cards without missing a beat, and we did two excellent circuits to start the weekday right!

And with 30 minutes of heart-pumping credits under our belt, we put our hands in and celebrated with a RISE UP!

Friday – Hills

On this Friday the 13th we got lucky(??) with some warm weather, challenging obstacles, and a Leo Gil cameo!

Each runner grabbed a post-it note at random. Sort of like “Anything Goes”, except with the guarantee you’re going to the top of that hill every round!

And with that – a Rise up!

Ride and Beer

Our Rise week would normally be over after Hills…but we had a Friday night special thanks to Rachel Tavel! She took some of our Risers SoulCycle-ing in their Financial District studio. Kate, Pam, Sam, Vince, Valentina, and of course Rachel spread their Rise wings to crush the workout!

Tavel’s in the very front of this Rise formation

This was followed by a happy hour at the nearby Ulysses NYC, where a bunch of other Risers showed up to celebrate the end of the week!

We have much more in store this week. Stay tuned for more blog posts and social media updates!

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