Rise RECAP: Patriotism and Rucking 101

Last week’s schedule was stacked with workouts! We started at 6 AM on Tuesday and Wednesday for an extra half hour of July 4th-themed fitness, and ran through our first group ruck last Tuesday!

FYI: the next ruck is TONIGHT – Tuesday July 10th at 7 PM. We are meeting at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan side. Read more about our rucking challenge here, and RSVP for today’s ruck here. DO IT!

Check out all that we did last week by reading the recap below! You can also view all the photos from last week here.

Monday – HIIT

Monday’s workout was triathlon themed – in honor of those who finished the NYC Triathlon the day before! We did hand-release breaststroke pushups down the Hudson River, bicycle crunched up the West Side Highway, and sprinted around Central Park – without even leaving Washington Square!

Russian “handlebar” twists

It was a truly inspiring morning! No finisher medals, but plenty of smiles.

Tuesday – Brooklyn Body Circuit

In Brooklyn celebrated the 4th of July (well…the third of July technically) with a DOUBLE workout – 6 AM in Prospect Park followed by the usual 6:30 AM party at Grand Army.

The 6 AM Prospect Park crew

We tested our July 4th knowledge with a trivia challenge, did some “explosive” exercises on the patio, and wrapped up with a partner RWB run + exercise segment.

We even got red, white and blue popsicles! It was patriotic AF. RISE UP!

Tuesday – Queens Warriors

The Queens Warriors always know how to start Tuesday mornings the right way – by sprinting, lunging, and “rocking” it.

This group absolutely crushed it. And next time around, they’ll crush it again. Every Tuesday in MacDonald Park Queens – workouts are crushed and new friends are made!

Tuesday – T.RUCK #1

Tuesday rucking (or T Rucking) is the name of the game this month – and we had our first group ruck last Tuesday!

We powered across the Brooklyn Bridge and returned to Manhattan via the Manhattan Bridge. Then we wrapped up with drinks at The Bowery Beer Garden!

Three fingers for three miles crushed. After tonight, it’ll be four! Be a part of it – make sure to RSVP for tonight’s ruck!

Wednesday – Core Body Boot Camp

The Core Body Boot Camp crew led an HOUR long July 4th-themed workout in Bryant Park. We rocked the red white and blue and sprinkled it all over the floor from 6 – 7 AM!

The workout included an “explosive” plyometric segment, a sprint-plank pyramid that felt like it lasted hours, and a Burpee on “Born” in “Born in the USA” finale. We took our family photo and then headed to The Red Flame to hydrate and fuel up. A bunch of us probably took a well-deserved nap after this one (after showering of course!)

Join us next time! Every Wednesday in Bryant Park – 6:30 AM!

Thursday – Kings of Queens

Last week’s Kings of Queens workout featured a key part of the royal family – Prince Sam!

He taught these Risers how to squat, dip, and high five their way towards 7 AM.

Join us at 6:30 AM in MacDonald Park this Thursday! Royalty awaits you.

Friday – Hills

This Friday was a washout! It was pouring on the Willy B – but dedicated Risers Huy and Banka powered their way up and down the bridge while Jen kept their belongings safe.

If you show up under these conditions, you deserve to be part of a smiley selfie that says “It is so frickin wet out here, and that makes me so frickin awesome!”

One last thing

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