July 2018

RUCKoning Next Tuesday + The Weekly Breakdown

Last Tuesday night we embarked on our final group mission of the July rucking challenge! We completed somewhere between 4 and 7.2 miles (depending on whom you ask) – from the Brooklyn side of the Willy B, around the southern tip of Manhattan. But while the monthly challenge is over, the enthusiasm for walking with…


Flutter Like Butter: August Challenge

We’re done with July’s rucking challenge! It was great to see so many Risers come out every Tuesday night to walk around NYC, replacing the weight of our workday burdens with the weight of our rucksacks! But with a new month comes a new challenge. And we guarantee this one is going to be hard-core. …


6 Mile Ruck TONIGHT + Last Week’s RECAP

The longest ruck in our July challenge is TONIGHT – Tuesday July 24th at 7 PM. It’s going to rain all week, and probably tonight, but we don’t give a ruck. We’ve got work to do! Read more about this month’s rucking challenge here. We’re meeting on the large platform just up the steep incline on…


Ruck TOMORROW + Last Week’s RECAP

First thing’s first: we’re rucking tomorrow – Tuesday July 17th. Sure, there may be thunderstorms in store – but that’s not enough to send us running! Just rucking. Read more about this month’s challenge here. We’re meeting at the USS Maine Monument in Columbus Circle at 7 PM and walking with our weighted backpacks to the…


Survey Says!

Attention Risers of NYC! We have been RISING UP for 6:30am workouts, 5 days a week for 4+ years. We’ve worked out in sunshine, darkness, rain, blizzards, hurricanes, heat & humidity, and sub-zero temps. Through it all there is one thing that keeps this train moving way more efficiently than the MTA – you! We…


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