Rise RECAP: May 28 – Jun 1

Wow – TONS of things happened at The Rise last week: We had a Memorial Day “Murph-like” workout on Monday; Rachel Tavel organized a Brooklyn Rise post-workout at SoulCycle; a dance troupe from Iceland gave a performance at Wednesday’s workout; we partnered with OutdoorFest for a special Friday workout in Queens; and Chad spray painted #AllTheShirts with The Rise’s logo at five of our workouts! Want to learn more? Read the recap!

Monday – HIIT

Monday was Memorial Day – so we honored the occasion with a modified version of CrossFit’s “Murph” workout. Our version consisted of a lap of Washington Square Park, 30 Burpees, 60 pushups, 90 squats, and a final lap around the park. And this was after we already completed 15 minutes of HIIT!

Meanwhile, Chad was busy spray painting Rise shirts!

What a happy crowd! Join us every Monday at 6:30 AM to get in on the smiles!

Tuesday – Brooklyn Body Circuit

Tuesday’s workout brought double the trouble! We had our usual 30 minutes of badassery, followed by a SoulCycle session organized by Rachel Tavel! (on the left – we also create fitness stock photos at The Rise)

Here’s evidence of the post-Rise cycle sesh. We spread our Rise wings for this one.

There won’t be any SoulCycle next time around, but there will be 30 minutes of sweating with the best New Yorkers. Join us at Grand Army Plaza – 6:30 AM!

Tuesday – Queens Warriors

We had lots of fun in MacDonald Park on Tuesday! We started with sprints and few cardio exercises to warm up before Tom showed us new karate moves.

The last segment, served by Z. Matkovic, was a classic challenge workout! Lots of reps of squats, Burpees, push-ups and high fives.

Join us again! We sweat every Tuesday morning in Forest Hills at MacDonald Park. It’s free, it’s fun and everyone is welcome!

Wednesday – Core Body Boot Camp

At Wednesday’s workout we welcomed the dance group DansKompaní from Iceland! First we sweat Boot Camp style for 30 minutes.

Then we were treated to a performance by the dance troupe! You can check out their video here (shoot us an email if the link is broken and we’ll get it to you!)

All smiles and a big crowd! Let’s do it again this coming Wednesday.

Thursday – Kings of Queens

All of Queens came out to MacDonald Park this Thursday! While we were busy squat jumping with our partners, Chad was busy spray painting colorful Rise wings on all the shirts.

Thank you to everyone who came and crushed the workout with us 🙂

Friday – OutdoorFest Special!

Usually we run hill repeats on the Williamsburg Bridge. This week, we partnered with our friends at OutdoorFest for a Queens-based workout followed by climbing at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge!

Of course, we just had to make the workout climbing themed. We took on a climber-belayer top rope segment…

Followed by a “bouldering” team segment full of bear crawls.

And most importantly – we had a great time doing it! I guess you can say this climbing-theme workout…rocked #BadPuns

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