Rise RECAP: Jun 4 – Jun 8

Last week’s Rise workouts were off the proverbial chain. Vanessa – a long-time Riser who moved to Switzerland – woke up to sweat with us during her short NYC vay-cay; the Circle of Dooooom made its return to Brooklyn; and the Willy B crew learned how to count to ten in units of sprints. All in this edition of the Rise RECAP!

Monday – HIIT

Monday’s workout brought us seasonable weather and smiles. Sam made his first Monday Rise appearance and absolutely CRUSHED IT!

Vanessa was a dedicated HIIT-goer when she lived in NYC, but she moved to Switzerland and we’ve been bummed about it ever since. But we got a special treat when she set her alarm and showed up during her short vacation in NYC!

The crew was small but the smiles were aplenty! Nice work HIIT squad!

Tuesday – Brooklyn Body Circuit

The Brooklyn badasses revisited the classic CIRCLE OF DOOM workout! It’s simple – a run around Grand Army Plaza with calisthenics mixed in. How many laps can you complete?

How should a Riser react when the words “Circle of Doom” are uttered? Probably something like this?

(Don’t worry – we also took a smiley pic)

Tuesday – Queens Warriors

The Queens Warriors were at it again in MacDonald Park!

We got high on the workout, and low on the planks.

We were soaked by the time 7 AM arrived but had just enough energy to smile for the camera.

Join us next time! 6:30 AM in MacDonald Park.

Wednesday – Core Body Boot Camp

Another week, another round of boot camp! We started with the classic deck of cards…

…proceeded with the ball bag challenge…

And wrapped up with a squatty enduro!

Good times were had by all. Join us next time!

Thursday – Kings of Queens

The Kings of Queens royally smoked their workout! It’s always 4×4 circuits of 30 seconds per exercise, a die roll round – 10 reps per exercise, with each corresponding to a side of the die – and the infamous pyramid of exercises!

These six Risers (including the camera holder) showed up to kick butt. Next time we’re expecting 7,894 smiley faces to be there. Will you be one of them??

Friday – Hills

The first Friday of the month usually means sprints – but because of our special OutdoorFest workout last Friday, they’ve been pushed back a week! It’s okay, because this month has five Fridays.

Ten sprinty sprints for 45 seconds at a time, followed by a minute and 45 seconds of rest. It never fails to be a tough, grueling workout requiring intestinal and mental fortitude. But we love every minute of it!

Sorry Vince – someone had to watch our bags!

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