Rise RECAP: Jun 18 – Jun 22

Last week we celebrated Pride in NYC. Of course – we always celebrate Pride because we’re a big fan of high fives! Click here to read about the origin of the high five and its roots in the LGBT community! And read on for a recap of all the days!

Monday – HIIT

I remember my first Monday Rise workout – it was June 12th, 2014. It was POURING rain in Washington Square Park, so we took our workout under the arch. Last week it wasn’t raining, but we decided to revisit the under-arch format!

My favorite part of moving our workout station to the arch is the sprints to the fountain and back. It’s nice to sprint in a straight line for a change!

We’re not always under the fountain, but we’re always in Washington Square Park! EVERY Monday at 6:30 AM!

Tuesday – Brooklyn Body Circuit

Our Brooklyn Body Circuit workout was full of pride! We started off with a circuit with a surprise theme (the first letters of the seven exercise segments spelled ROYGBIV together) – which Rabi guessed by the time we got to O. She was rewarded with a bubble gun!

We also did a “Skittles” bag challenge (a play off the ball bag challenge from Core Body Boot Camp)

Thanks for the Skittles Chad!

Join us this Tuesday at Grand Army Plaza for another BK Badass extravaganza!

Tuesday – Queens Warriors

They ran!

They jumped!

And they crunched!

The Queens Warriors do pretty much everything Tuesday mornings! Come check it out this week! 6:30 AM at MacDonald Park!

Wednesday – Core Body Boot Camp

We continued the pride celebrations at boot camp last week! We ditched the usual deck of cards for a deck of “Dos”, which is like Uno but with more twos apparently. The exercises were squat jumps, star jumps (lots of jumping, ouch), shoulder taps, and speed skaters with an overhead rainbow!

We then used the Skittles from the Brooklyn workout for another Skittles bag challenge!

To finish it off, we did choreographed jumping jacks, Burpees, and Patty Parks to the tune of Cher’s “Believe”. Team Wednesday is become more musical these days! Join us this week to get your groove on! 6:30 AM in Bryant Park.

Thursday – Kings of Queens

We got a rainy and humid start to our Thursday morning, but we pushed through it! The transition police gave us two thumbs up (WOOHOO!) for a quick transition in our pyramid of sumo squats and shoulder taps.

We’re glad to have had one new Riser make it out to MacDonald Park this morning despite the weather (the rock below, of course!)

We’re at it every Thursday at 6:30 AM in MacDonald Park! Come get some.

Friday – Hills

Last Friday was Anything Goes, where your fate is determined by a deck of cards (sometimes physical, sometimes on an app). This week Huy was the cardmaster!

The exercises were: 20 push-ups, squats, dips and a nice “break” of running to the wall and back. That’s a lot of calisthenics!

This week is our DAYYY OF RECKONING!!!! 30 minutes up and down the Willy B, as many times as you can. Are you in? Of course you are. 6:30 AM on the Manhattan side!

One last thing

A little checklist before you move on with your day:

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