June Challenge: Sit Up, Feel The Burn.

May’s pull up challenge has come to a close! How did you fare? Did you buy a pull up bar? Use some outdoor fitness equipment? Find scaffolding? Use your gym? Or did you “nope” your way through the month? No matter what – we want feedback!

This month brings us back to an exercise that can be done absolutely anywhere – in your gym, in a public park, or even at home. Any excuses one might invent for skipping the pull up challenge probably won’t apply this time around. But why waste energy thinking of ways to avoid the best decision you’ll make this month?

That awesome decision? 2000 sit ups in the month of June!

The Sit Up Challenge!

This month we’re doing 100 sit ups a day, Monday through Friday, for four weeks in June.

100 sit ups a day x 5 days a week x 4 weeks = 2000 sit ups! Yeah buddy.

You can partition the sit ups however you’d like. Do 50 in the morning and 50 in the evening. Do ’em all at once. Watch TV and tackle them during commercial breaks. No matter what, it’ll hurt. Just ask this stock photo guy.

We start on June 4th. Ask yourself: what needs to happen to make sure you stay on track? Take this weekend to strategize and prepare for success.

As you may have guessed, we’re doing a heck ton of sit ups at the upcoming Monday HIIT workout. Start your week with a kickbutt sweat sesh and be on track for the month’s challenge before 7 AM!

See you at Washington Square Park on Monday!

One last thing

A little checklist before you move on with your day:

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