Rise RECAP: May 7 – May 11

In this past week’s edition of “Risers Gonna Rise”, Team Wednesday whipped up a French-themed workout you’re never gonna baguette. Sure, that pun was bad, but that doesn’t mean I’m lying about the workout. Check out the recap to see all the things we did last week!

Monday – HIIT

We dipped into our week with a smile – HIIT style!

20 seconds of exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest is the game. We ended the workout with a partner segment. The big question for our partners: what’s the most iconic selfie you’ve taken in NYC?

(The correct answer was “by the Washington Square Arch after a killer Rise workout”)

Nice job Risers! See you next time – 6:30 AM every Monday!

Tuesday – Brooklyn Body Circuit

Brooklynites love circuit training, friend-making, and high fiving. We covered all three during this workout!

Brooklyn newbie and badass Julia crushed the workout. While she missed the first partner segment…

… she got an awesome partner/part-time deer (yes that’s you Kate) the second time around!

Let’s do it again this coming Tuesday! 6:30 AM at Grand Army Plaza.

Tuesday – Queens Warriors

Spring may have come late, but the temperature is now definitely ideal for a morning workout! The Queens Warriors crushed another 30 minutes of combined exercises (Jo, our latest Queens Warrior, crushed it especially hard!)

Thank you to all who came to sweat with us and share all the high fives and smiles! Come and join us every Tuesday at MacDonald Park in Queens. 6:30AM. It’s nothing but pure fun! Rise (up) and shine!

Wednesday – Core Body Boot Camp

Hélène taught the Wednesday boot campers all about French culture. She tested our knowledge of French athletes, French cities, and French numbers all while doing a killer workout. We finished our ball bag challenge with some Starburst Burpees and ended our workout with tons of squats and plenty of smiles.

Un, deux, trois, Rise up!

Thursday – Kings of Queens

We had 2.5 new Thursday morning Risers this week! Grace, Joe and Tom’s baby joined us for a kick-ass workout in MacDonald Park. Speed skaters got our hearts pumping during the dice segment, and the #QueensClassic pyramid of squats and dips tied it all together.

Glad to see new faces showing up and rising up with us!

Friday – Hills

Happy Obstacles Day!

Obstacles really lived up to their name as we brought back actual signage and some of it confused our early Risers. In their defense, they were interpreting the arrow on the “Backpedal to the next sign” literally. It DID point to backpedal down the hill instead of up it. So the gang put in a little extra backpedalling today. We’ll fix those signs for next time 😉

BUT the good news is everyone got the hang of the Burpees pretty quickly.

It was a perfect morning with the sun shining and we welcomed first-timer Jai!

Join us next week for the mystery of Anything Goes?!?!?!?!

One last thing – a little checklist before you move on with your day:

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