Rise RECAP: May 21 – May 25

Another week of Rising – Monday through Friday – DONE! Simon of “Simon Says” fame bossed the Brooklyn badasses around, Team Wednesday crowned a Burpee King, and the Kings of Queens lured in some total strangers. Want to learn more? Then read on!

Monday – HIIT

On Monday we do things tabata style – 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. Once the timer starts, we don’t stop!

We took on all our favorite exercises, including box jumps, dips, Russian twists. We also tested a brand new exercise from the Rise lab: Burpee sprints! Sprint a quarter of the fountain, do a Burpee, sprint another quarter…you get it.

Join us next time for a crazy, life-changing Memorial Day workout! 6:30 AM in Washington Square Park!

Tuesday – Brooklyn Body Circuit

Tuesday’s workout was drawn from a deck of cards. Each suit represented a different workout segment. While we did all the segments, the order was determined by the spirits of Grand Army Plaza.

Hearts gave us some partner sprints! First team to ten sprints each yells “Yanny”! (Or was it “Laurel”?)

Simon Says was assigned to spades. Simon told us what to do. If we listened to someone other than Simon (who happens to look exactly the same), we were punished with a sprint across the plaza. Everyone was suprisingly alert for 6:45 AM! Well done y’all!

Join us EVERY Tuesday in Brooklyn – 6:30 AM!

Tuesday – Queens Warriors

Every Tuesday workout in Queens is different. This time we took on a sweaty and intense HIIT workout. But with all the high fives, it felt like pure fun!

Pure, exhausting fun.

We’ll be back at it this Tuesday at MacDonald Park. Rise up!

Wednesday – Core Body Boot Camp

Boot camp was especially fancy this time around! We didn’t hold a royal wedding, but we did crown a Burpee King!

Ken made sure to dress to the nines for the special occasion (yes, he exercised in his suit!)

Every Wednesday at Bryant Park is a little different, which just means you have to show up to all of them! See you next time!

Thursday – Kings of Queens

What a great turnout for a beautiful Thursday morning! Started out with 5 Risers and ended with 13!!

We recruited 2 new members who were just passing by the park and decided to jump in and join us! Hope to see them back soon 🙂

Friday – Hills

Friday was the DAYY OF RECKONINGGGGG on the Williamsburg Bridge. How many laps up and down the Manhattan-side hill can you complete? We do this once a month. The goal this time was to do better than last time. #BeatYestermonth

How many laps did you complete?? The bag watchers/photo takers get a pass.

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