Elevate Yourself: May Pull Up Challenge!

Last month’s challenge was squats – 100 a day, Monday through Friday. How did you fare? Did you succeed? Did you almost succeed? Did you get to 99 squats and give up? Are you still doing squats because you didn’t realize the challenge was over? Tell us about your experience!

Each month’s challenge comes from the mind of The Rise ATX – our Austin, TX counterparts. This month the maniacs have chosen pull ups!

Pull ups??

Yes, pull ups. No, not these pull ups.

These pull ups.

Here’s the deal: we start at one pull up on May 1st (yes, we’re already on May 3rd, but you’ve got time to catch up!) and conclude with 31 pull ups on May 31st. Just tack on one pull up every day. So:

May 1: 1 pull up
May 2: 2 pull ups
May 3: 3 pull ups

May 30: 30 pull ups
May 31: 31 pull ups

That’s 496 pull ups total. Easy peasy.

How do I take on the challenge?

The first step is to find a pull up bar. Luckily for you this is New York City – also known as the pull up capital of the world. You have several options:

  1. Buy one. This increases the probability that you will actually complete the challenge, but you might have to wait a few days for delivery. Amazon’s got you covered.
  2. If you’re a member of a gym, just use their pull up bars!
  3. A more Risey solution: use some free outdoor fitness equipment courtesy of NYC Parks:
  4. An even more Risey solution: find some scaffolding. This is NYC – there’s scaffolding everywhere!

The second step is to see where you’re at:

  • If you’re able to do one pull up, then you’re able to do 31 pull ups. Try to increase the number of consecutive pull ups you do at a time as you progress through the challenge. You might just impress yourself.
  • If you haven’t yet learned how to successfully complete a pull up, this is your month to crush goals! Krista Stryker will teach you how to FINALLY do one: Progress through the challenge at your pace. Maybe you won’t make it to 31. Your goal is to build the foundation to allow you to beast this exercise you thought you could never beast.

I’m looking forward to hearing your success stories. Give the challenge a shot, and contact us about your experience building up to 31 pull ups (or completing your first one ever!)


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