March 2018

The Squatty Party Begins April 2nd

Tomorrow is April, FOOLS! But the upcoming challenge (aka “squatty party”) is no joke. March was all about pushups. 50 a day, Monday through Friday, until yesterday! How did you fare? Do you feel stronger? Do you feel better? More confident in your ability to get out of bed after sleeping on your stomach? Do…


Rise RECAP: Mar. 19 – Mar. 23

Spring is here and it didn’t disappoint. Snow, snow, and more snow! Here’s a recap of what happened: Monday – HIIT On Monday at Washington Square Park we welcomed the week with our usual 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Leo and Susana came back for the first time in a long…


Rise RECAP: Mar. 12 – Mar. 16

Another week of pushups, Burpees, and all the other exercises we love! And of course, another nor’easter. We seem to get one every week! Luckily, we’ll work out in anything. Our answer to most weather-related questions is yes. Yes – we meet even when it rains and snows. And yes – we brave the elements even…


How are those pushups going?

Hey there. It’s your old pal Ben. How’s everything? As you may know, we’re now two weeks into The Rise’s pushup challenge! Just wanted to know how those pushups are going? Have you been doing 50 a day, Monday through Friday? Do you feel stronger? Are your muscles grateful for all the attention you’ve been…


Rise RECAP: Mar. 5 – Mar. 9

Last week we kicked off our pushup challenge! This recap could be summarized by saying “We did a lot of pushups”, but of course other things happened (including a birthday pie-ing!). Here’s what we did: Monday – HIIT Risers old and new converged on Washington Square Park to cover it with sweat and smiles. Ken made…


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