Rise RECAP: Feb. 5 – Feb. 9

It’s already Tuesday, and I bet y’all have been wondering about last week’s Rise recap. Well stop wondering and start reading, because here it is!

It was Jiheng’s last week in NYC before flying out to sunny California, so we made sure to give him extra high fives!

Monday – HIIT

Summer is around the corner! Or at least it felt that way on Monday morning. I think it must have been all those partner exercises warming our hearts.

Another great morning in HIITville! We asked ourselves the typical Rise post-workout question: “Why haven’t I been doing this my whole life?”


Tuesday – BK Body Circuit

On Tuesday we did Kate’s forest-themed workout! It was a morning chock full of fun facts. Did you know that the pronghorn antelope is the second-fastest land animal in the world? I sure didn’t. But Kate did!

It was also the perfect workout for practicing our predator face! Rawr.

Tuesday – Queens Warriors

Another awesome Tuesday workout in Queens. We welcomed a new Riser – welcome, Erin! – and introduced her to our Warrior workout plan, including HIIT, isometrics, karate, some cool self defense techniques, a circuit challenge, and lots of high fives.

Wednesday – Core Body Boot Camp

We did a Winter Olympics style boot camp on Wednesday to prepare for the start of the real games. And Amy had handmade “medals” made of chocolate for everyone!

The ball bag challenge this morning was a non-stop running challenge and the gold medal team which had the most tennis balls won by one ball!

For the enduro, we did exercises such as speed skaters, figure skating (warrior III pose) and snowboard jumps.

Our Olympians did a kickbutt job!

Thursday – Form and Flow

We tackled our fourth of six sessions at the New York Insight Meditation Center. The 7th floor elevator key was nowhere to be found, so we used the bigger (and better?) 10th floor space!

Jono introduced THREE new Risers to our group via sun salutations and some deep stretches.

Thursday – Kings of Queens

Jiheng joined the Queens crew for a fun-filled workout! He was really there for the plank variations – the most smiley exercises of all!

We ended with a pyramid – and took a group photo as a pyramid! Coincidence??? (yes)

Friday – Hills

The second Friday of the month means OBSTACLE DAY! But it also could have been called “Beautiful Sky and Awesome Sunrise Day”. Is that a bit too wordy? The pictures speak for themselves!

The exercises were winter Olympics-themed – speed skaters, snowboarder jumps, and more. But in the Rise Olympics, the competitors are also the judges. Thumbs up from all!

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