Rise RECAP: Feb. 12 – Feb. 16

Another week, another celebration of our bodies and minds via The Rise! Here’s a recap of what happened:

Monday – HIIT

We started the week off right with HIIT, with the smiling faces of our new risers who almost outnumbered the regulars! Although the temperature felt like summer was coming, the wind reminded us that winter is still here. Ended with our favorite, burpees for breakfast!

Tuesday – BK Body Circuit

Today Vince brought the Badasses on a special pre-Valentine’s Day partner-themed workout. It was full of sprints, squats, lunges, and planks.

We also welcomed first-time badass Garam!

Yeah buddy!!

Tuesday – Queens Warriors

Every Tuesday workout in Queens is usually done in three segments and each one of them is different, but this time we did something we never had before. Sensei Tom offered us a 30 min. of full karate session. Starting with a proper warmup followed with some karate moves and at the end we partnered up to learn some self defense techniques. It was a good combination of cardio and awesome new moves. #QueensWarriors

Wednesday – Core Body Boot Camp

Love was in the air for this special Valentine’s Day Rise – a love of pushups, squats, planks, and Core Body Boot Camp!

We picked out an exercise and found our Valentine’s Day Rise buddy for the workout. We then partnered up to get through a deck of cards and found even more partners to complete a few rounds of Ball Bag Challenge. As a special Valentine’s Day twist, every time the whistle blew we found our Valentine’s day Rise buddy and completed the exercise we both picked.

We finished everything off by forming two groups (those celebrating the Hallmark Holiday and those that aren’t) and alternating planks and squats for an enduro challenge. We met a bunch of new Risers including some from Tokyo, exchanged lots of high fives, and created tons of smiles. Great way to start this day of love in our great city of New York.

Thursday – Kings of Queens

Amazing morning in Queens today! We brought in some new moves to the Dice portion of the workout and the die really seemed to favor only 2 of them 😀

The layers were coming off as soon as we started, and we were all sweating by the end!

Friday – Hills

It was a glorious morning at the bridge for the February edition of ANYTHING GOES! The cards determined our fate – Kate’s fate was 120 squats and Chad’s fate was 5 minutes of planks. There was still plenty of hill running to be had.

We capped it off by going to the Doughnut Plant for some darn tasty morning treats (photo cred to Jen Diamond!)

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