Winter Can’t Stop Us. Come Prepared!

If you’ve been following The Rise NYC for a while, then you probably know that we meet Monday through Friday at 6:30 AM all year round. Whether it’s 100°F or 0°F, we’re out there. We joke about not even needing to check the weather – why bother if the workout is happening anyway! But of course that’s not exactly true. This winter is turning out to be especially cold, and with a “bomb cyclone” on the way (whatever the heck that is) – it’s important to come to our workouts prepared – or you’re gonna have a bad time.

We’ve got a small but effective list of key items to help you stay as warm and happy as possible during our winter workouts!


Your Winter To-Do List

  • Wear double socks and double gloves. Protect those extremities!
  • Put on some long johns under your workout pants. Doubling up feels so good!
  • Wear multiple top layers. For example – a T-shirt under a long-sleeve under a sweatshirt under a jacket. When you heat up during the workout, you can gradually remove layers
  • Bags for clothes. When you remove your layers, you won’t want to throw your clothes on the snowy ground! Toss ’em in a bag.
  • Ditch the cotton, embrace wool and polyester to keep you warm.
  • Bring a thick winter hat. I also like to wear a winter hood to keep my face extra warm.
  • Hand warmers! Greatest invention of all time – they make all the difference.

See you out there.

Tomorrow we’re in Queens and Flatiron. Will we see your smiley face? Guess we’ll find out at 6:30 AM!

PS, if you’ve got other tips for staying cozy during winter workouts, leave ’em in the comments!

Yeah Buddy!

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