Rise RECAP: Jan. 22 – Jan. 26

It’s another edition of the Rise RECAP! Why is RECAP in all-caps, you might ask? Because it’s THAT EXCITING! Here’s what happened last week in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens!

Monday – HIIT

We started the week off extra sweaty with some unexpectedly warm temps as we jumped, sprinted, and burpeed around Washington Square Park! The Monday crew celebrated a great workout with some iced coffees.

Tuesday – BK Body Circuit

We played the Brooklyn badass name game, treating ourselves to the KATE, JENN and CHAD. I think the CHAD was the most difficult, mainly because commandos are a doozy!

We have a tradition in Brooklyn of doing the Daily Jumble. Sarah solved the final jumble in 0.5 seconds. It was pretty darn impressive.

Tuesday – Queens Warriors

The Queens Warriors were caught in a shower for their workout, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We had one brave new face today! Here’s a shoutout to Tony, who hung in for a classic Queens partner warmup, dice, and challenge, and did it all in the rain.

Wednesday – Core Body Boot Camp

We had more people joining us this morning – 15 in total! We had two new Risers, and Karin even visited us from Korea! I hope you had a smooth move from the States and come visit us often, Karin!

We did a Crazy DoC (deck of cards) today as we changed the workout of each suit with dragon pushups, patty parks, jumping jacks and leg lifts. The Enduro was 50 mountain climbers and 50 bicycle crunches. (See our page on exercises if you don’t know what these are!)

Happy birthday Danna!

Thursday – Form and Flow

This was our second week at the New York Insight Meditation Center for Form and Flow! It wasn’t nearly as hot as last time, but it was tough! We warmed up with some “low intensity interval training”, and then Jono guided us to 7 AM via sun salutations and deep stretching.

All hail Jono, leader of the Form and Flow “book club”!

Thursday – Kings of Queens

Another cold day in Queens, but that didn’t stop Jonathan from wearing shorts! Brrrr

We got the day started with burpees and squats galore! Things got a little heated in the shoulders during the dice segment where we got reeeeal close to the ground with hand-release pushups!

Overall a great turnout and we can’t wait for next week!

Friday – Hills

The last Friday of the month means DAAAAAAY OOOOF RECKONINNNNNNNNG! It’s simple: run up and down the hill as many times as you can in 30 minutes.

It was a beautiful morning on the bridge and we capped it off with Day of Remedy – breakfast at Remedy Diner. Breakfast was quite eventful as Jen tipped over her water glass and Pam knocked a plate off the table which shattered on the floor (plus her chair fell over).

Good laughs and high fives were had by all!

We’ll be right back at it on Monday! One last thing – a little checklist before you move on with your day:

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