Rise RECAP: Jan. 15 – Jan. 19

It’s the middle of January and it is COLD. But that didn’t stop The Rise from distributing high fives across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens all week long! Here’s a quick recap of what happened:

Monday – HIIT

We kicked off the week by saying “see you soon” (but not “goodbye!”) to Katie and Anthony, who will be spending the next few months in sunny sunny Mexico! We’ll hold down the fort in chilly NYC until you get back!

Tuesday – BK Body Circuit

We welcomed five new Risers in Brooklyn! It was a perfect morning for some partner exercises to get to know each other. So many high fives in one workout!

Tuesday – Queens Warriors

This week Kerri got some inspiration from a “Core and More” exercise class – including traveling pushups and plank jacks with shoulder taps…which sounds complicated but somehow works! Thomas led the group through some isometrics and karate sequences. And we can’t forget the smiley group photo!

Wednesday – Core Body Boot Camp

This week’s Bryant Park workout was a special one. We did TWO workouts – one at 5:30 and one at 6:30 AM. The early crew was rewarded with some killer party shades. They didn’t make the workout any easier, but they did make us look cooler while doing it!

Thursday – Form and Flow

This was our first week at the New York Insight Meditation Center – and the first official indoor Rise workout…ever? It must have been at least 80°F in that room – great practice for summer (only five months to go folks!)

We headed to Essen afterwards for some classic coffee and conversation!

Thursday – Kings of Queens

Great turnout in MacDonald Park on a cooooold Thursday morning. It took a long time to warm up, but as soon as we did, the layers came off and the energy was up!

Friday – Hills

Friday at the WillyB we did ANYTHING GOES! It was a chilly, but beautiful morning with a breathtaking sunrise over the bridge. We welcomed Josh Young back to The Rise after an extended absence. Great to see old faces come back!

We’ll be right back at it next week! One last thing – a little checklist before you move on with your day:

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