Form and Flow Moves to NYIMC! Jan. 18 – Feb. 22

Waking up for a 6:30 AM workout is tough. Waking up for a 6:30 AM winter workout is really tough. But waking up for a 6:30 AM winter yoga workout is the toughest of tough!

Form and Flow differs from other Rise workouts in that it elevates flexibility and slow, controlled movements above high intensity intervals and fast repetitions. But the goals of Form and Flow are nearly incompatible with the harsh reality of New York winters; the layers that keep us warm also restrict our movement, and if you thought you were freezing after a round of outdoor Burpees, try hanging out in Warrior II with some cold wind blowing in your face.

We take pride in being an outdoor workout group that shows up regardless of what the weather forecast is. But we’re also realists. And when the opportunity to use FREE indoor space comes knocking at a time we need it most, we’d be doing you all a disservice if we turned it down!


Starting this Thursday – January 18th – we’ll be meeting at the New York Insight Meditation Center (NYIMC), located on 27th Street between Broadway and 6th Ave. We’re extremely grateful to NYIMC for opening their doors and offering us some quality space for the unbeatable price of free ninety nine.

We are lucky to have Shoshana, who does some volunteer work at the meditation center, as a Form and Flow co-organizer. None of this would have been possible without her!

Shoshana in the zone, during warmer times.

So if you’re interesting in joining us for some indoor Form and Flow, here are the details:

  • NYIMC is at 28 W 27th St in Manhattan, between Broadway and 6th Ave.
  • Try to arrive 5-10 minutes early so you’re all settled in by the time we begin (6:30 AM sharp).
  • Take the elevator up to the 7th floor.
  • Shoes off before entering the workout space.
  • Before you can exercise with us at NYIMC, you must sign a waiver. This only needs to be signed the first time you attend. We’ll have extra copies on hand.

Form and Flow creator Jono has returned from summery Australia and rumor has it he’ll be bringing the heat. Get pumped!

P.S: We’re also in Queens on Thursdays!

If you prefer to keep your winter workouts outdoors, then get your butt to our Thursday Kings of Queens workout! It’s a quick shot on the F train to Continental Ave. By the time 7 AM comes around, you’ll look and feel like royalty!

Yeah Buddy!

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