Weekend Workouts: WHERE ARE THEY?

If you’ve ever sat through the announcements at any of our workouts, then you know that The Rise NYC meets five days a week at 6:30 AM. No exceptions. We even creep into your Friday evenings once every month or so with our Flash Rise Friday events. (Never been to a Flash Rise? Well there’s one later this month that you won’t want to miss!). All of this, of course, begs the question: when is The Rise going to introduce weekend workouts?


One of our Flash Rise Friday workouts. It’s as fun as it looks.

When will there be Sunday morning hill running workouts in Central Park? Will Flash Rise Friday ever bleed into Sun Rise Saturday? Or how about a midnight run up the Williamsburg Bridge on a Saturday night? (If Friday’s workout is so nice, why don’t we do it twice?)

The Rise started as a once a week party, but now it’s a full-blown five day a week extravaganza. So when does the weekend takeover begin? The answer is: it already has.

Weekend Workouts are Everywhere!

Some of us take Saturdays and Sundays to rest up after a week full of burpees, sprints and more. But others like to go the extra mile. If you fall under the latter category (you know you do), then there are a couple of group-oriented opportunities you can take advantage of:

  • TMIRCE NYC, our sister running group, regularly holds fun weekend running events if you want to boost your performance at Friday’s workouts. Foodie Runs, Donut Runs, and their regular Saturday morning bRUNch runs (the answer is yes, food is always involved).

Note: The bRUNch runs are a longtime staple of TMIRCE NYC and details can be found on their website:

  • We’ve seen the introduction of informal (not Rise-affiliated) events, such as the “Burpees For…” series, which takes place Sunday mornings roughly once a month and is heavily attended by Risers.
  • Risers will often post details about free or inexpensive weekend workouts throughout the city in The Rise’s Facebook group (and if you haven’t joined the group yet, well then…what the heck are you waiting for? Send a request to join and we’ll approve it if you aren’t a spam bot!).

weekend workout - bRUNch

Saturday morning bRUNch with TMIRCE NYC

Weekend Workouts - Burpees!

February’s Burpees for Beer workout in Tompkins Square Park

But we’ll let you in on a dirty little secret. The Rise is grassroots in nature, and powered by all of its members, including you. You might be a newbie, a veteran, or unsure of what to call yourself, but regardless of the number of days you’ve spent working out with us, anyone can take the initiative and organize a workout. Whether it be just you or a crowd of 45, as long as everyone in attendance is having a good time and sweating profusely, we say it’s a success.

So do it. Take the extra step.

Become a Weekend Warrior.

And how exactly does one do that? By doing weekend workouts, of course! Here are some ideas:

  • Not sure where to start? Download a free HIIT app on your phone and get your roommate to join you. Two person workouts are intense: push each other to the max! Finished? Then congrats, you’re both #WeekendWarriors.
  • If you’re a semi-regular Riser, then you probably already know some great exercises. Write some of them up on a piece of cardboard and invite some of your buddies (including us Risers!) to a public park for a 30 minute sweat sesh. If you can pull it off, then congratulations, you’ve assembled a team of #WeekendWarriors!
  • Are you out of town with friends and have just an hour of “you time” in the morning before they wake up? Well, we know you don’t need that full hour to get a good workout in! Pick a 30 minute slot to do two Deck of Cards workouts and 30 burpees to finish it off. If you can get through all that by yourself, then you’re (1) a maniac and (2) a #WeekendWarrior!

So what’s it going to be: are you going to sit on your butt doing nothing this weekend? Or are you going to sit on your butt doing Russian Twists and Rowboats in 30 second intervals? The decision is easy. Nothing to it but to do it!


Yeah Buddy!

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