The Rise Reflects on 2014

It’s hard to believe that this year is drawing to a close.  We had quite a year at The Rise: we laughed, we cried (so many burpees!) and made some amazing memories along the way. Here are some highlights from 2014:

“[On the Brooklyn Bridge]…The city wakes as the fog rises; meanwhile the Rise completes it’s workout… It was cold and damp but the smiles and high fives warmed the heart.” – Jono


Fog over Brooklyn//Photo Credit: Chris Lopez

“The best memory this year wasn’t the real thing, it was just a tribute (insert guitar lick). It was early on a Thursday morning, September 11th. Dave Johnson wanted to recreate the previous 9/11 workout on the Brooklyn Bridge. Despite knowing I’d be cutting it close, I wanted to be a part of that. So, I dragged myself out of bed and onto the train and headed down. We did a deck of cards, followed by a user pick series. At the end, Dave wanted to have a moment of reflection looking at the Freedom Tower. For me, the moment of reflection included looking around and seeing the most amazing group of friends, not just a workout group, coming together to have fun. Afterwards, I ran off to class, didn’t have time to change, and a friend asked if I was wearing cologne. The stench of success.” -Ted

Group Reflection//Photo Credit: Dave Johnson

Group Reflection//Photo Credit: Dave Johnson

“My most memorable Rise event was the January 22nd workout, (Polar Vortex 2)  a small group ventured out to Bethesda fountain for a Wednesday [Deck of Cards]. Everything was frozen, but we still pushed all the ups and crunched all the abs. It was a great workout, what made it memorable was the the snowball fight that quickly ensued; a wild free for all that just showed me that The Rise is a group of friends who like to hang out, have fun and often workout” -C. Lo

Snowball fight!//Photo Credit: Chris Lopez

Snowball fight!//Photo Credit: Chris Lopez

“My favorite Rise moment happened during the Labor Day challenge, which consisted of: the HIIT workout, 100 burpee challenge, a 5K, the Murph, and a track workout. The Murph was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It was extremely humid that day and I felt awful. But I remember hearing Dave shout “Come on now!”, encouraging all of us while we grinded through too many sets of pullups, pushups, and squats at the track. It was inspiring to look around and see everyone sweating and working so hard. That’s when I realized The Rise was something special.” -Ben

After part 1 of the "Labor for Labor Day" challenge

The group after Part 1 of the “Labor for Labor Day” challenge

“Remarkable moments which remind me every time again why I keep coming to the workouts:

  • Every morning when I see Winston’s smiling face.
  • When I’m in such a pain, and I think I can’t go any further. Then I only have to look to my right and see Dave doing the exact same thing, but with an injured leg.
  • During my 2nd Half Marathon when I haven’t even finished my first loop, Anthony already came running his second one, but didn’t forget to give me a high five on his way.” – Jennett
Jennett had a super smiley year with The Rise!

Jennett had a super smiley year with The Rise!

“Dave showed up to Friday’s workout in a knee brace and crutches. I asked what happened, and he told me he had knee surgery, which had been scheduled for a while. I was shocked because he was at the last workout pre-surgery and came to the next workout post-surgery! I was so impressed by his quiet leadership, integrity, and spirit. In the next weeks, he continued to inspire all of us by showing up, cheering us on, and even doing the workouts. The one-legged burpees are my favorite.” – Xiao

Dave: the epitome of "srtonger than excuses."

Dave: The epitome of “stronger than excuses.”

If you didn’t work out with The Rise in 2014, RISE UP in 2015 and make it your best year yet!

See You in 2015!

See You in 2015!

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