Row Boats, Burpees and More – Oh My!

Last week was a busy one – we rowed, we voted and we obstacle course-ed.  If you didn’t make it last week (or just need a reminder of how great it was) here’s a recap:


ROW BOATS! Monday was all about abs.  We rowed our boats through the fountain at Washington Square Park.

Row, row, row your boat…


Did you hear?  The Rise now also meets every Tuesday in BROOKLYN at Grand Army Plaza.  These workouts are geared towards team style workouts and just being generally awesome. More info HERE!

Team work makes the dream work…sort of


Wednesday was a workout for the people, by the people.  We let YOU decide what you wanted the “Joker” card to represent during the deck of cards workout.  The people spoke and they said BURPEES!




Friday was OCR (Obstacle Course Race) day on the Williamsburg Bridge.  We sprinted, we karaokied, we jump squatted, and gave out a record number of high fives.

OCR Bridge Workout: Complete!

 Next week is going to be even better! We have some exciting workouts planned.  Join us and earn that Thanksgiving turkey!

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Yeah Buddy!

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