Special Tuesday Times Square Workout Tomorrow

You read that title right. We’re going back to Times Square TOMORROW! If you’ve been thinking about joining us for a workout, make this one your first! Get there by 6:27 am and you’ll be just in time for all the fun. Get there earlier for extra high fives and smiles. At 6:30 it’s GO TIME!


We’re going old-school for this workout. We’ve got a deck of cards to mix up our favorite exercises: high knees (trote con rodillas), squats (sentadillas), crunches (adominales), and push ups (flexion de brazos). Then we’ll wheelbarrow (caretilla) our way up and down the big, red TKTS steps. We’ll definitely run some team circuits and friendly races, make some noise in Times Square, and then split for work. Cool?


What’s up with all the Spanish? Bring your español or spanglish because Univision will be there to film a segment for “¡Despierta América!”

Not even kidding. This just keeps getting more fun, doesn’t it? Don’t miss out!

Yeah Buddy!

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