The Rise: Origin Stories

Last week, I gave you a little history lesson about how The Rise was born.  This week, I turned to my fellow Risers to learn about how they found out about The Rise. These are their “origin stories”:

“I got an email from the Spartan Race about a championship screening to be done the second weekend of December…I convinced my friend to accompany me to watch the special at a bar near Union Square. I was one of a handful of people at Pop Pub, so I sat at the bar next to a guy wearing a World’s Toughest Mudder sweater, I struck up a conversation [and] he told me about a workout group that he helps run that meets at 6:30AM throughout the city three days a week. I told him I would see if I could check it out…a few days later, I found myself walking to the Flat Iron building wearing multiple layers walking over sheets of ice to see people smiling and hugging. I felt out of place until a tall friendly face walked over and said “Hi I’m Dave, this your first time?” to which I replied “Hi, I’m Chris. I met Anthony and he invited me. I came to check it out.” Dave gave me a warm smile and said “you chose a great day to start” to which I smiled and replied “well you have to start sometime”. The rest, is Rise History.” -Chris L.

So, I fell into the Rise accidentally. I actually had joined [The Most Informal Running Club Ever] my first Saturday back in NYC (when I moved back in January). I did bRUNch and the track workout. At the track, I heard a rumor (a rumor?) about some mysterious early morning workout. Being unemployed, and needing motivation, I decided to check it out.” -Jasmin

I was harassed by a crazy coworker to join “Come on we will be at Union Square. It’s close to you so no excuses, and don’t worry winter is over.”  It snowed that day…..” -Erica M.


I found out about the rise through this other awesome group of exercisers (and friends) The Most Informal Running Club Ever. I remember thinking that I couldn’t believe that on her birthday, our very own blogger Laura wanted to get up for this thing ” the Rise” I wondered why anyone would want to get up so early on her birthday, but Laura assured me it was fun.  After my first time at the “the rise” I understood why Laura would wake up early on her birthday to go: a great group of people and fun exercises that are worth getting up for!” -Rachel

I found out about The Rise through [a friend]...I started seeing her posts about The Rise [on Facebook]. After a few months and finishing my training for a couple of spring half-marathons, I messaged Tiffany to ask more about it and came out to a Wednesday in Columbus Circle shortly thereafter. It’s awesome because I get the benefits of a great workout and getting to know a bunch of awesome people, I also get to reconnect with someone I knew in a past life and get to know her better than I did back in college.” -April

“I was sitting at the hot chocolate run with some of my run chugger friends brunching. Tass told me about The Rise and told me to come the next morning! I told Tass if you call to wake me up I will be there! I woke up to a text saying that I had to show up. Took the plunge and “just showed” up! The workout kicked my butt but it’s still the best move I ever made.” -Molly

“I found a running group that had a monthly meeting and loved it the first time I went. The next month when it came around again, I invited three friends to come with me but they all bailed on me last minute because it was raining. I forced myself to go anyway, even though I was terrified of being there by myself. Had I not been alone, I wouldn’t have met Dave Johnson and Shari. Dave invited the two of us to the Brooklyn Bridge workout the next morning. I ran down there, got hopelessly lost, and nearly turned around because I was 15 minutes late (what’s the point if the workout is only 30 minutes long?). I finally made it on to the bridge and was immidiately greeted by Dave…That morning, I did bicycle crunches and burpees high up on the brooklyn bridge as the fog was lifting and the sun was rising. Needless to say, I was hooked.” -Mary


True to our “grassroots” nature, The Rise is solely driven by a local community that wants to get fit and have fun.

Don’t be shy; Make this your week to just show up!



Chris L. wants YOU to join The Rise!

Chris L. wants YOU to join The Rise!

Yeah Buddy!

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