Burpees, Birthdays and [Water] Balloons!

Once again, we had another awesome week at The Rise.  We did hundreds of burpees, celebrated 3 birthdays and threw an endless amount of water balloons.  We also rescheduled our LIVE segment with CBS for Wednesday, July 30th!

If you didn’t make it to the workouts this week, here’s what you missed:


  • AB and Jono followed through on their pledge. Check out this video to see how it all went down:
  • Happy Birthday Ben and Arieh!


  • Happy Birthday Erica!
  • 100 squat challenge w/30 sec hold at the end
Birthday Girl!

Birthday Girl!

So many squats!

So many squats!


  • Day of Reckoning – records were set and crushed.
Chris H. showed the Willy B who's boss

Chris H. showed the Willy B who’s boss

Finally, we still have two outstanding pledges and we need you to just show up to make these pledges happen!:

“If 75+ people show up, I will shave The Rise logo into my chest.” -Chris L.

“If more than 75 people show up, I have to sing “I’m a little teapot” with a burpee in between each verse while standing in the middle of the Washington Square Park fountain from the end of the workout photo until the last person leaves to go to oatmeals (or 15 min, whichever comes first).” -Anthony

Don’t forget to save the date for this Wednesday, July 30th when The Rise goes LIVE with CBS and Alex Denis!


Yeah Buddy!

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