Why I (We) Rise

One of the first things people say when I tell them about The Rise is “You work out at what time?!” Yes, 6:30 am is early, but 6:30 am until 7:00 am is also easily the best part of our day here at The Rise. It has come to mean so much more to us than just an outdoor fitness group. Don’t just take my word for it; I asked a few of my friends and fellow risers the simple question, “Why do you rise?” Here’s what they had to say:

“The Rise helped me get back on track with my fitness goals and boosted my confidence in social situations. The positivity is contagious! It changed my life… Besides, I get crazy #FOMO when I miss hanging out with all of my friends in the AM!” -Kaitlyn V.

Dressed to impress

Dressed to impress

“I Rise to get the best possible start to my day, to keep a schedule and to keep myself accountable…I Rise because I’m constantly overwhelmed at how much strength and positivity can be gained by spending time with strong and positive people…I’m fitter than I’ve ever been before and it’s all because of habits I formed with The Rise.” – Jo

“I Rise because where else can you leave a huge sweat stain on the ground and be proud of it! I Rise because this group understands that you don’t measure heart, grit or effort with a stopwatch. I Rise to inspire and be inspired”

“[I rise] to be part of a community that is more than just exercising. It’s about friendship, motivation and having fun.” -Rachel

High five social!

High five social!

“I rise because of the people…Everyone is always so welcoming and open. Even when I was injured and couldn’t really do any of the workouts, I was always greeted with warm smiles and questions about how my injury was coming along at the events I was able to make it to. I love The Rise family and the joy everyone brings to my day even at 6:30 in the morning!” -Carolyn

“…I decided to show up that Wednesday. It was the Wednesday of the 9 degree Columbus Circle workout. It was fun, crazy, and awesome. I then hobbled to the Hills that Friday, and kept on going…I initially came for the workout, but stayed for the group…” -Jasmin

“I rise because I love being around like minded friends who love and value being fit the way I do. I also rise because I’ve grown to love the friends I’ve made in the rise. My days simply wouldn’t be the same without it and them!” -Tamara


“Set my four alarms
Fear of missing out’s a bitch
Worth it for high-fives” -A Haiku by Katie O.

“I rise because I’m a glutton for punishment, and misery is made less miserable with excellent company” -Patty

“I Rise on the days that I’m off from work.  I Rise even though I’m currently hurt.But it’s worth all of the push ups & commute of an hour, for high fives, laughs, hugs, & “yeah buddy”s that empower me to work stronger me to push harder me to take chances.  Inspired to inspire! For as long as we can wear fluorescents together, Every day that I Rise is the best day ever!” -A poem by Kathryn D.

“I started going because it seemed like a fun group of people and needed to get motivated again to train for some Mud Runs..after my mom passed these same faces were a sympathetic comfort that offered condolences and support. The Rise became a part of my family as I lost the keystone of my blood family; in short, I rise because I can no longer imagine what it’s like not being with my “family” every other morning.” –Chris


If you haven’t made it to a workout yet, make this your week to join us and come up with your own answer to the question “Why do you rise?”

The welcoming committee!

The welcoming committee!

Happy and ready to go at 6:30 am

Happy and ready to go at 6:30 am

Yeah Buddy!

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