Push Ups Galore and More!

Wow, what a week at The Rise. There were thousands of push ups (yes, you read that right), The Rise made its debut in Bryant Park, and we did a karaoke inspired workout on the Williamsburg Bridge.  If you were at any or all of these workouts, you know how awesome last week was.  If you didn’t make it last week, I’ve got the recap covered.

Let’s start with Monday:

  • Anthony and Darren powered through 1,000 push-ups!
  • The new and improved Wednesday workout was tested and Riser-approved
  • Lots of high fives, encouragement and wheel-barrowing

So many push ups!

So many push ups!

Wednesday – First workout in Bryant Park:

  • Coach Vican led us through 100 squats
  • Anthony wore an amazing outfit
  • 72 people just showed up!
Captain Anthony laying down the law (nicely, of course)

Captain Anthony laying down the law (nicely, of course)

Friday – The Hills:

  • Bridge style urban obstacle course
  • Sit up challenge: 50 sit-ups before running back down the bridge
  • Karaoke foot drill

Erica breaks it down to some "Ace of Base"

Erica breaks it down to some “Ace of Base”

Will next week be even more awesome? Will Darren and Anthony do more push ups? Will there be an abundance of high fives and encouragement? There’s only one way to find out – Just Show Up!

Yeah Buddy!

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