Everything is Awesome (No More Excuses)

Have you heard the news? Everyone’s talkin’…

We couldn’t be more excited about everything that is going on at The Rise. The workouts have been slammin’. The high fives are out of control. Have you heard about the birthday kisses and pies?

kiss 20140326-DSC_2806

Last Wednesday’s Fit Flash Mob in Times Square was amazing. Nancy and Patrick took a train down from White Plains/Westchester for their first Rise experience. That got everybody fired up for a kick-butt, champion-style workout. Was it worth it? Come ask them yourself this week. Or maybe ask Jeremy, Heather, Liz, Jenna, Nefeli, Bejamin, or Tara, who also rocked The Rise for the first time last week.

20140402-DSC_3635 20140402-DSC_3600
20140402-DSC_3607 20140402-DSC_3639

Monday – Washington Square Park

Wednesday – Union Square

Friday – Williamsburg Bridge

Let’s face it, the weather is usually the biggest excuse to stay in bed. But guess what? The five day forecast calls for 100% chance of “No More Excuses!”

Sleeping On The Couch 1374881_166639156864334_1935026227_n

Wake up. Lace up. Show up. Everything is awesome!

Yeah Buddy!

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