Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

There are so many incredible stories from everybody at The Rise recently it has been hard to keep up. People are crushing their fitness goals left and right. We’ve got people running distances they never dreamed possible. Tough Mudders and Spartan Races may not be easy but Risers certainly seem well prepared. And how about the recent string of race PRs? Forget the actual workouts themselves. Just consistently waking up early to get your butt across town every M/W/F morning is gonna pay off.

20140425-DSC_7113 20140425-DSC_7070
20140423-DSC_6623 20140423-DSC_6681

We’re not slowing down anytime soon. The question is when are you gonna step up? We’d love to see you smash your goals, whatever they may be. There’s no better feeling than accomplishing something you never thought possible. Maybe the first step is just getting yourself out the door in the morning. Is tomorrow your day?

20140423-DSC_6632 20140421-DSC_6264
20140423-DSC_6608 20140421-DSC_6286

And we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! When you decide it’s time to rise up you’ll be joining a team of people who want to be part of your success. A workout family that pushes you past your preconceived limits. People who will be there to cheer, encourage, and help you finish no matter what. #cantstopwontstop

Monday HIIT @ Washington Square Park (fbook event)

Wednesday Core Body Boot Camp @ Flatiron Building (fbook event)

Friday Hill Repeats @ Williamsburg Bridge (fbook event)

Yeah Buddy!

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