One Huge Week

Last week was a big week for The Rise. While the rest of NYC was sleeping we were taking Spring by storm (click for video).

I’d say we’re getting back to normal this week, but that’s not gonna happen. Normal is boring. If last week was big, this week will be huge.


Monday we HIIT up Washingtong Square Park. If you’re not integrating high intensity intervals into your training then, well, you’re wrong. Don’t be wrong! Take a HIIT with us. Your body will thank you.



Wednesday is a brand new core body workout at the iconic Flatiron Building. And did you hear that the New York Times will be there, too? It’s the truth — they want to get the lowdown on how we’ve survived two cold winters working out together in the streets of NYC. Make sure you brush those pearly whites so your natural burpee smile will shine extra bright for the camera.



Friday we put ourselves to the test running up and down the Manhattan-side incline of the Williamsburg Bridge. It’s our once-a-month Day of Reckoning. If it’s your first time on this hill then you’ll get a baseline measurement of your running fitness. If you’ve run this hill before it’s time to see all your hard work pay off.



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