The Day of Reckoning

How many laps can you do? We’ll give you 30 minutes on the Williamsburg Bridge. Ready? Go!

20140131-DSC_5505 20140131-DSC_5466
20140131-DSC_5511 20140131-DSC_5464

This is the day we make things official. We take an already brutal workout — sprinting up and down the incline of the Willy B. for thirty mins straight — but this time we record the results. Bring your stopwatch. This is a competition with yourself. So what’s it gonna be?

20140131-DSC_5506 20140131-DSC_5532
20140131-DSC_5512 20140131-DSC_5470

The Day of Reckoning is when we put all of our training to the test. This isn’t just another workout. This an opportunity to see real, tangible results. Are we pushing ourselves to improve or are we stagnating in complacency? One simple number can help drive us to succeed.

20140131-DSC_5531 20140131-DSC_5528
20140131-DSC_5520 20140131-DSC_5515

Our Willy B. Day of Reckoning is the last Friday of every month. Bragging rights, pride, and maybe even a prize or two are all on the line. It doesn’t really matter what your number ends up being. Whether you run 1 lap or 5 laps isn’t the issue. Are you pushing yourself to be better than you were last time? Join us and find out.

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