Feb. 5 Fit Flash Mob @ Stuyvesant Cove Park

It is our never-ending quest to workout all over this little town. Uptown, downtown, west side, east side, bright side, and maybe, just maybe, someday we’ll hit up Sunnyside. But tomorrow morning we’ll see you bright and early at Stuyvesant Cove Park.

stuyvesant cove

What’s in store? You can count on one thing for sure: thirty solid minutes of intense core body work. Think pushups, situps, planks, squats, etc. Our Wednesday core body workouts are for everybody. Whether you’re new to working out or a fitness pro there are myriad variations, combinations, adjustments, and modifications you can make to get a great workout. And you can definitely count on a billion high fives and some pretty serious hugs.


Remember to wear lots of layers for these cold, snowy outdoor workouts. A good pair of ski gloves will go a long way, too.


As if the workout wasn’t enough, Tiffany is hosting breakfast for anybody that wants to swing by her place after we rock Stuyvesant Cove. There’s a chance we’ll be getting some “wintry mix” but Tiffany promises a 100% chance of homemade salsa at the post-workout breakfast. So come see what everybody’s talking about. Wake up, workout, done!


Yeah Buddy!

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