Feb. 26 Fit Flash Mob @ Union Square

Union Square is our unofficial home. And it’s always good to go home. We’ve counted off more pushups here than the number of organic vegetables sold by hippies at the Greenmarket.


So what’s this all about? All you need to do is show up and find out. Here’s a hint: core body work. Thirty solid minutes of plank-holding, core-crunching, leg-squatting, joke-telling goodness. Need to do more? Run or bike your way there and back for additional mileage. Need to do less? Take a break in the middle to catch your breath. Either way, we’re in this thing together and we want everybody to know they’re always welcome to join.


Set your alarm, lay out your clothes, and get psyched for a great Wednesday morning. #YourExcusesAreNoGoodHere


Yeah Buddy!

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