Feb. 12 Fit Flash Mob @ City Hall Park

This week we head downtown to City Hall Park. X marks the spot.


See you at roughly 6:27 AM. And check out all those subway options! Don’t say we didn’t make this one accessible. Or maybe just run, walk, or bike your way there? Whatever you do, make sure you show up. There are really no excuses these days. We’re halfway into February for crying out loud! Don’t let winter make you lazy. Whether it’s hot, cold, sunny, or snowy just follow this sage advice from Chris L.: “You have to show up sometime. Why not today?”


But also pay attention to these wise words from Katie T.: “Wear gloves the size of your face!”


Remember, this is FREE outdoor fitness. All you need to do is set an alarm and get yourself downtown. For some accountability invite a friend. But if a killer core body workout isn’t enough, Fred S. is hosting breakfast at his apartment after the workout. Come workout and then feast on coffee, bacon, and eggs. Best Wednesday, ever? No doubt.

Yeah Buddy!

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