Coach V. Inspires the Masses

Kaitlyn “Coach” V. made a bold pledge to The Rise: if 30+ people ever showed up for a hills workout on a Friday morning in January, Kaitlyn would burpee her way to the top of the bridge. This morning 34 rockstars showed up to the Willy B. and Kaitlyn made good on her promise. It took her 43 mins and 14 secs, an estimated 350+ burpees, and a boatload of grit, determination, and sheer will to succeed.




Kaitlyn started her burpee challenge just before we did our sprint workout. There’s nothing more inspiring than knowing that no matter how badly it hurts to be sprinting up a hill, it could be worse. It could be burpee worse. Thank you, Coach V., for showing us what tenacity looks like. #ChallengeComplete

(Click here to see the video on youtube if it’s not embedded above)

In case you’re wondering, there are plenty of other pledges and challenges still out there. We need you to make them possible! Want some new, crocheted outerwear? Want some free drinks? Want to see Jo eat some cookies? Check out the pledge page. Anything is possible!

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