Xmas Fit Flash Mob @ EVERYWHERE

The NYC family has been flung to the ends of the earth. Germany. Australia. Mexico. And some even as far out as Long Island. But that doesn’t mean we can skip a workout!

We workout no matter what. Rain, sleet, and snow can’t stop us. But unlike the USPS we don’t even take holidays off. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to share the joy of a group workout experience. Forgot to buy mom a present? Give her the gift of the 12 Workouts of Christmas. It’s something she’ll never forget.


So join us for a global Fit Flash Mob. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending Christmas in a tropical paradise wearing sunscreen and opening presents in your board shorts. Or maybe you’re shivering in Timbuktu, frozen from the waist down:
(Classic Clark Griswold “suck it up” line)

No matter where you are, give yourself a solid 30 minute workout. If you can, snap a quick photo then post it to facebook on the Fit Flash Mob event, or on twitter @TheRiseNYC. If you’re feeling especially motivated, invite some friends and family from your hometown to join you. Use the facebook event to invite them, call them out, and plan a time, location, etc.


We love you all and can’t wait to spend 2014 rockin the streets of NYC with you. But until then, Merry Christmas. Give out some extra special high fives, hugs, and kisses. See you on the bridge this Friday!

Yeah Buddy!

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