That Was Ridiculous

Fact: this morning’s workout at the Williamsburg Bridge was the best workout we’ve ever had there. Lots of people showed up despite the cold. But what’s a few degrees between friends?


The workout: short sprints up the Willy B incline for time. Coach Vican provided the whistle (read: pain) so we could know when to stop, jog back to the bottom, and start all over again. There was a lot of camaraderie from people pushing each other to run faster.  To top it off, Henry and Julianna showed up for the first time and just powered through like it was no big deal.


Perhaps the best reason this morning was awesome was that the workout simply kicked our asses. Ten sprints at 45 seconds each may not sound like much but there were lots of shaky legs and plenty of awkward “my leg muscles don’t want to work anymore” walking by the end.


Join us next Friday for more Willy B fun. Or Monday for some HIIT. Or Wednesday for some core body work. We’re committed to making every workout the best it can be. But that means you need to JUST SHOW UP and help make it great.

Yeah Buddy!

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