We Missed You, Kristin

Just because it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you can just make promises and then break ’em willy-nilly. And you promised us you’d be at the workout! At least you implicitly did when you RSVP’d yes on facebook.


So what happened, Kristin? The weather was perfect. The new location was exciting. The stage was set for the best HIIT workout yet. All we needed was YOU! And when you failed to show up we were so depressed that instead of working out we just sat around, passed a box of tissues, and retold old stories of great workouts when you were there. That’s not entirely true, but we were concerned.


Wait, you betrayed us for the love of another? Who is this mysterious Lucca who has stolen your heart???


Okay, okay… we get it. Lucca’s cute. But we missed you, Kristin! Please don’t break our hearts again…

Yeah Buddy!

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