Nov. 6 Fit Flash Mob @ Pulitzer Fountain

Get on board, NYC. Fit Flash Mobs are hardcore. You put in the work and they kick your ass. But you’re done by about 7am so it’s a good deal, right?


This Wednesday (Nov. 6) we’re meeting at Pulitzer Fountain. Run, bike, or crawl there. Triple bonus points for anybody who puts in 5+ miles running pre-workout. If you’re still sore from last Wednesday in Union Square, that’s cool. The burpee/mountain cliber/squat jump/plank punch challenge was brutal. You still have a few more hours to recover, but at 6:30am Wednesday morning it’s go time and there’s no excuses.


Last time we worked out at Pulitzer Fountain it was an unscripted accident. We got kicked off of the Apple Store property and the Pulitzer Fountain turned out to be way awesomer. It was the perfect setting for this great shot of the crew doing Russian twists. Notice Anthony is wearing his helmet. He takes no chances when it comes to ab work. You never know when you might fall off your bicycle crunches.

Yeah Buddy!

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