Where were you today, Vic?

What happened this morning, Victor?


It’s one thing to not show up for a workout. In fact, very few actually do show up. We talk to people all the time who seem to love the idea of working out but we hear the same excuses over and over again. It always starts with, “I’d love to workout with you guys BUT…” and then the big BUTS start to fly. “It’s so early,” and “it’s so cold out,” “it’s so far away,” and “I couldn’t possibly workout and then make it to work on time.”


And all that’s fine. There’s no judgment there. We’d love to see people overcome those challenges, but to some degree that is something we want them to do on their own terms. But it’s another thing to say you’ll be at the workout and then bail. And that’s where you come in, Victor. We missed you this morning!


We missed your enthusiasm and the attitude that you’re always up for whatever the workouts throw your way. You epitomize the JUST SHOW UP philosophy.


We missed your perfect hair, perpetual five o’clock shadow, and award-winning smile. We couldn’t even find an unflattering image of you. We missed your sober, cautious, lawyerly advice for our harebrained schemes. And the thing is we know you’re committed. We’ve seen you make it out for workouts in the cold, snow, and rain. You’ve left no doubt in our minds that you are a core part of The Rise team. But shit happens, right? Were you sick? Was the train delayed? Did you fall off your Citibike?


No. Rumor has it you slept in. You said you’d be at Foley Square with us at 6:30 am but instead you drooled on your pillow like a little baby. And because of that we missed you. We didn’t miss the thousands of lunges you probably would have made us do for dealer’s choice workout, but otherwise we missed you today, Vic!


Yeah Buddy!

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