Oct. 23 Fit Flash Mob @ Foley Square

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 we will occupy Foley Square for a good half hour of power. As always, this is a rain or shine event. #weatherproof


The plan is simple enough. Show up, workout, and then enjoy the most productive Wednesday you’ve ever had. You’ll be amped all day.


Pushups, situps, lunges, and burpees will be on the agenda. But this is much more than doing these things on your own. Come find out why working out together is better. There’s no telling what else we might actually end up doing, but we can guarantee two things:
1. An intense, team-oriented workout. We’re in this together.
2. The satisfaction of knowing you get out what you put in.


Don’t let yourself down. Don’t let your teammates down. JUST SHOW UP. If we have learned anything working out together it is that individuals fail and only teams survive. Come join your new team. We’ve been committed to doing this for a long time and we’re always looking for new teammates who are enthusiastic about pushing both themselves and their team to succeed.


Yeah Buddy!

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