Oct. 2 Fit Flash Mob @ Columbus Circle

Our weekly Fit Flash Mob on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 will be at Columbus Circle! Show up a few minutes before 6:30 AM. We start promptly, rain or shine. This is a core body workout designed to rock your morning and jump start your day.


Where else in NYC are you going to get to practice your #MagicMikes in public without a license? Fact: male strippers don’t get six packs from sleeping in.


Get there by running or biking. Citibike is always a good option. But no matter how you get there, the important part is that you JUST SHOW UP!


Columbus Circle is located at 59th and Central Park West. Yes, we will be in the circle. And yes, Fit Flash Mob will be the best thing you do all day. It’s that good.

Yeah Buddy!

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