9-11 Brooklyn Bridge Workout – September 11, 2013

The Brooklyn Bridge is, hands down, the most scenic setting for a workout we’ve ever had in NYC. The sun was just rising over Brooklyn and the view of the Manhattan skyline was breathtaking. And since today is September 11th, the view of One World Trade and the US flag waving in the wind provided an especially poignant reminder of what happened here in 2001.

Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge.

We kicked off the workout with our traditional deck of cards warm up. Anybody who says a deck of cards workout is easy is a liar.

What's the next card?

What’s the next card?

The deck of cards is a rite of passage for Wednesday mornings with The Rise. It will bring grown men to their knees (for girl push ups). And even though we finished this deck in just under ten minutes we were sweating all over the place and ready for a “break” in the form of Dealer’s Choice. Burpees, lunges, squat jumps, and… this?

Shavonne's Ballerina Exercise

Shavonne’s Ballerina Exercise

The final challenge was 100 bicycle crunches. As if our abs hadn’t had enough already.

Bicycle Crunch Challenge

Bicycle Crunch Challenge

30 minutes on the Brooklyn Bridge will make you sweat!

The gun show.

The gun show.

We finished up just in time to witness some veterans journeying across the bridge toward the World Trade Center.

Yeah Buddy!

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