Rain Workout: HTFU – August 12, 2013

We needed a challenge

Apparently, working out has just been too easy recently. Mama Nature knew we needed something to rally around. Some inspiration. An obstacle we could overcome together. A reminder of what makes us a few degrees more bad-ass than everybody else that woke up early this morning to workout. We needed a rain workout.

In your face, rain!

Somewhere between the alternating burns of push ups and dips it started to sprinkle. Halfway through the box jumps we knew the rain wasn’t kidding around and by the time we did our ab work we were fully soaked. Looking around the East River track during the burpee finale it was clear we were the only survivors left; almost everybody else on the river had scampered for cover.

The newbies fanned the flame

Rey, Andrew, Akil, and Melissa were the driving force behind this morning’s intensity. If they weren’t going to complain about the pace of the intervals or the onslaught of rain then the veterans were going to have to step it up a level. So Joey, Leslie, Beachy, Kyle, and Anthony turned up the heat and this only brought on calls for more and taunts to the heavens.

Rain workout lesson learned

We’ll see what Mama Nature has in store for us next time, but we know one thing for sure: it doesn’t matter. If anything, a rain workout is just a reminder that most people are looking for the easy way out. Instead of shying away we embraced it and that alone made this morning’s workout special. And now we know it’s not so bad. We can do this again any time.

Yeah Buddy!

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