Hard Bodies Ruin The Cement – August 28, 2013

The Rise ran, biked, and MTA’ed their way to the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. At 6:30 AM we got psyched up, split into two teams, and began a team-based deck of cards workout race.


Just a few cards into the workout building security gave us the boot citing something about how our hard bodies were going to ruin the cement. Time out on the race.


We dashed across the street to our backup location: the Pulitzer Fountain. Time in. After the race* everybody got a little sweatier with Dealer’s Choice.


Thirty minutes of action and we were done. High fives and hugs all around. And huge props to everybody that made it out this morning. Special shout out to the women from the St. Francis Women’s Basketball Team who voluntarily showed up for some preseason conditioning. Kick ass, ladies!


* Yes, the good guys won the race.

Yeah Buddy!

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