Flash Mob Workout in Union Square NYC, August 14, 2013

Flash Mob Workout

Tomorrow is Wednesday which means The Rise is doing a core body workout. We intend to make every Wednesday morning a flash mob workout. Locations may vary by week and it will be up to you to find out where we will be going. Just check The Rise’s blog, twitter, or facebook for details. Your job is to get there by 6:30 AM (preferably by running, biking, or walking) and then give it everything you have for thirty solid minutes. That’s it. JUST SHOW UP. So where is it this week?

Union Square

We will meet on the south side of Union Square near 14th street. And yes, there are plenty of Citibike stations nearby. By the way, Citibike is (unofficially, of course) the best way to get around Manhattan since Kramer’s NYC Rickshaw.

Yeah Buddy!

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